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Bulk Email Campaigns

Effortlessly Reach Your Audience with Tailored Newsletters and Engaging Advertising Campaigns

Dedicated Email Server for Bulk Email
  • Complete Server Customization
  • Fully Managed
  • 4 x 2Ghz - 4GB Ram - 80GB SSD
  • Windows with full Admin
  • 9 Users (Sender Accounts)
  • Unlimted Audiences (Email Lists)
  • 75,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Sending
  • Newsletter Signup From Website
  • Import CSV (Ad Lists)


$499 Setup Fee
Email Servers Bulk Sending for newsletters and advertisement campaigns

At CVN WebDev, we understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to email marketing. While we fully support and integrate with popular email services like MailChimp, we recognize that some clients prefer to send emails under their own sub-domain or may exceed the usage fees of associated with third-party platforms.

That's why we offer a tailored solution for those looking for more control and cost-effectiveness. With our dedicated email server option, you can send emails under your own sub-domain, maintaining brand consistency and enhancing deliverability. Plus, for clients who exceed $125 in usage fees, our solution provides a cost-effective alternative while still delivering the reliability and performance you expect from CVN WebDev.

Whether you choose to integrate with MailChimp, Others, or opt for our dedicated email server solution, rest assured that CVN WebDev has you covered. Our goal is to provide flexible and scalable options to meet your email marketing needs, empowering you to connect with your audience effectively and efficiently.

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